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06 01 18 Seed engaged to produce Spanish version of Jimmy Draper's best selling book, Don't Quit Before You Finish.

05 20 18 Seed engaged to produce logo for Driven Elite's Baseball Program along with marketing folder for Driven Elite Health and Fitness.

05 15 18 Seed CEO Russell Lake along with John Hinkle complete first draft of their new book Shift, a book about how to make effective career and life transitions.

05 10 18 Seed engaged to design and print Bible Study versions in English, Spanish and Portuguese of Judy Pogue's new book, Awaken Sleeping Beauty.

12 12 16 Seed engaged to produce sponsor deck and package for Storm Warriors, a television show in development.

12 10 16 Seed engaged to produce Economic War Room with Kevin Freeman, a television show in development.

10 14 12 Seed CEO, Russell Lake is a producer on the feature film, One Heart.


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